Popular Press Articles

  • Eating meat and cooking food is how humans got their big brains (Washington Post, 11/27/2012)
  • The Autism Advantage (NY Times, 11/29/12) Interesting article about a Danish company that places certain autistic individuals in positions they excel at relative to more ‘neurotypical’ people.
  • This is what a fish thought looks like (1/31/2013) – Neat story about using sophisticated molecular biology to visualize a zebrafish brain hard at work tracking prey items. This study represents the first time this has ever been visualized in real time for a freely moving vertebrate animal.  Pretty nifty.
  • ‘Beyond the Brain’ – A review of findings on the causes of schizophrenia with an emphasis on the emerging understanding that environment and particularly social environment is very important in the development of this disorder and, increasingly, its treatment.
  • Bioengineered Rat Kidney Produces Urine – Interesting work in regenerative medicine regarding growing functional (at least somewhat) kidneys in rats with potential for applications in humans.
  • Next-Gen sequencing finds brain tumor mutations – Researchers with the Pediatric Cancer Genome project has identified mutations responsible for more than half of a subtype of childhood brain tumor that takes a high toll on patients. Importantly, the information suggested testing drugs already in development and these tumors appear susceptible to these drugs.
  • Why Don’t We All Get Alzheimer’s?  – Research suggesting altered protein processing may lead to disease.